Friendship: Revealing Dark Secrets

Friendship: Revealing Dark SecretsWhen you meet someone new, what is your instinctive response? Do you instantly want to tell this person everything about you including your deepest dark secrets or do you keep some distance and choose your words carefully? I’m the type of person who does the latter and normally, most people are the same. The reason is probably because acquaintances are new people in our lives and if you reveal something dark and personal about you, you might risk getting misjudged, ridiculed, shunned, or what have you.

This is not always the case though as some people do the former. It happened to me once and I was quite shocked when I heard about this person’s revelation about himself. We barely knew each other and he told me something that I considered to be very personal and perhaps even a dark secret if I were in his shoes. My initial reaction was surprise and disbelief. I thought that surely it was something made up since he just nonchalantly told me like he was telling a happy and fun story. But it was true, I found out later, and what he did moved me. I was touched and honored to have been given enough trust to know this part about himself and found a friend in him.

Friendship: Revealing Dark SecretsI guess the moral of the story here is that you don’t have to be constantly afraid to connect with people and show them who you truly are. You don’t necessarily need to reveal everything in one blow just like what my friend did. You can do that later as you feel is appropriate but what you should do is to not allow yourself to be detached from others. Actually, the more you tell a person about yourself, the more this person will be able to understand you thus developing a strong bond. But you have to choose who you tell these details to as some people can be quite cruel too. Who these people are depends on your judgment. Another great thing with doing this is that as you become more relaxed and honest around your friends, they will also act the same way towards you. This will then foster a happy and strong friendship that could last a lifetime.

Have you met someone who opened their heart out to you with no hesitation? If so, what was your reaction? How did you feel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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